Entertainment Packages

Starring: Mig the Clown – the interactive party

Children’s Party Packages

We love being in the business of entertainment and enjoy making a party special.

We offer various packages for individual needs in which there is an opportunity for both children and adults to participate.

Party Themes – From the relaxation of a Spa experience or walking the red carpet to the fun of crazy experiments or dancing Disco style. These packages guarantee fun and excitement for all. Choose one of these pre made theme packages or tell us what you have in mind and we will help you put together an unforgettable party!

Party Games – Starring Mig the Clown. Numerous party games like “Hot Potato, Statue, and Magic Carpet” with music and team competitions. To add even more enjoyment to the event, we have balloon sculpting.

Party Combo – This includes a lively mixture of party games and the magical world of face paint and glitter tattoos. All of these activities make a party inviting and exciting. Children and adults alike will revel in the ability to play pretend and develop an alternative persona.

Party Games

Party games with music, team competitions, and balloon art.
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Party Themes

Walk the red carpet, relax and enjoy, dance, and more!
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Party Combo

Party games, glitter tattoos and the magical world of face painting.
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